Anyone else out there fed up of falling??

For the second night on the trot i have managed to fall while attempting to get myself out the bath.

I have been grasping onto my independence by trying to bathe without the help of my husband. So far I am failing miserably. 😦

I long to have a proper shower fitted, but when you privately rent it is no easy task.

After 2 falls one after the other… I have no choice but to use my stick while I get around the house. I dare not look in the hall mirror. Seeing myself bent forward darning a stick is soo disheartening.

The worst fall for me was outside the college gates… in front of a load of students. Talk about embarrassing. Then not only have you fallen… but you have to attempt to get back up again.

What’s the worst fall you have had?? Let me know in the comments.





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