Ok so this morning I woke up in agony.Β The sharp shooting pain that I get has now added a new path. From my groin to my ribs… and by golly does it wind me something rotten.

Despite this I am feeling happy!!

I have a party tonight, I have bought a new dress and new shoes.

The dress…

Lovedrobe Sports Mesh Skater Dress – Simply Be


The shoes were bought from Primark

IMG_4976I am going to spend the day pampering myself.

I am going to enjoy a nice long shower in my mothers wet room. (Im giving up attempting a bath at the moment after spending 30 mins trying to get out of it yesterday) Though I will need to get my hubby to join me.., (not for that-although it would be fun).. to shave my legs for me! Cant wear a dress while my legs look like a gorillas.

I am going to relish the time I spend getting ready… turn up the music.


Studio album by Three Days Grace

I may even make myself a mocktail and pretend there is alcohol in it.
Its a new day.. the sun is shining.. I survived this mornings pain attack. I am prepared to take on the day!!
I may even dance tonight… would it be classed as pole dancing if i use my stick??? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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