The day I was came into this world was the hottest day of the year, my poor mother standing over a bean bag chanting ‘Gravity Works’. At 3:13pm the doctor holds me up, pulls a weird face and say’s..  “That’s Not Right”. Both of my hips were dislocated, and after some examination it turned out that the ball of my joint had not grown sufficiently. So at 3 days old I was darning a nice cast, which my mum secretly loved because it made it ten times easier to carry me.

By 2 years old the cast was off and I was beginning to learn to walk, they told my mum all was well. She shouldn’t have anymore issues… Little did they know.

I grew up very active, I loved sports. By 14 I was Goal Keeper for the school and for a local team. I also played Basketball, rounders, and was part of the athletics team. Over the next year however pain began creeping down my legs, my hips would crack, and my joints were stiff. My mother took me to the doctor who then X-rayed me and came back with “Everything is fine, it is just growing pains.” – Growing Pains My Arse!!!

By 16 I had to give up sports because I couldn’t handle the pain. For the next 10 years I spent most of my time going back and forth to the doctors trying to get an answer. Each time I would be given some pain med’s and told to rest.

I had almost given up hope.. I decided to give it one last shot. I saw the doctor and poured my heart out. She looked at me and said “If you really are in the amount of pain you say you are then it will show up on a simple blood test”. I went the next day and by midday the following day I had a phone call “We are referring you to an orthopaedic surgeon” – FINALLY!!

I had my first appointment 4 weeks later. They did the first X-ray and it was normal, then they did a Bi-Lateral one…there it was.. the cause of all my pain… My Ball Joint has grown egg shaped. So every time I sit or stand the bone grinds against the joint causing pain and damage. After multiple MRI’s and Arthroscopy’s they also discovered that I also suffer with femoral acetabular impingement, a short femoral neck, cysts in the joints, bony spurs and labrum tears. The only thing they could offer me was a labrum repair and removal of the cysts. Nothing more could be done surgically until the time comes when I need a hip replacement. YEY ME..

So now I have my diagnosis.. Osteoarthritis of both hips, and the femoral acetabular impingement.

Since my diagnosis pain has got worse, depression has sunk in and now I need to find my way back. I started looking at forums and decided to write a post. The responses i got were amazing. I also found writing about how I am feeling and the struggles I am facing rather therapeutic, so I decided the best way to continue that therapy is to start a blog.

So Here I Am – Me, Myself and I…